Water Softeners Don't Have To Be Expensive To Be High Quality.

When it comes to your new Water Softener, trust us to give you a reasonable price on the highest quality materials.

At Pumps Plus of Cape Coral, we work directly with LOCAL manufacturers to bring you quality equipment backed by a 5-year parts warranty. New softeners are built to order and are usually ready for installation in your home the next day.

Water Softener Repair in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

We also repair and rebuild most softener heads, with parts in stock for Fleck, Autotrol, & others.  We stock replacement resin and Citric Acid for white resin softeners.

In addition to water softeners, we carry sulfur removal systems and whole house reverse osmosis systems at highly competitive prices.  Don't spend a small fortune with a national name. 


Find Your New Water Softener at Pumps Plus of Cape Coral


Shop local and save! Call us today at 239-574-4499 to learn more.