New & Rebuilt
Boat Lift Motors

At Pumps Plus in Cape Coral, we stock a full line of new and rebuilt reversible boat lift motors and accessories. 


Our boat lift motors range from1/2hp to 1 hp, 56 and 56c frames, and are available in both 110v and 220v configurations. 


We also carry reversing switches, belts, pulleys, capacitors and more. 

How Boat Lift Motors Work

Boat lifts are a common sight in Southwest Florida, and with boat lifts come boat lift motors. Boat lift motors are the workhorses of any lift, and their malfunction is never welcome. An understanding of how they work will help you deal with any problems.

The defining feature of a boat lift motor - and its most common source of problems - is the ability to turn in both directions by the flip of a switch.


To accomplish this, the start and run circuits of the motor must be electrically separated and independently energized so the polarity of the start circuit can be reversed to change the direction of travel. The start circuit gives the motor extra power to begin moving and throws it in the desired direction of travel.


Once the motor is moving the start circuit disconnects and the run circuit keeps the motor turning until the power is turned off. The start circuit is composed of one of the motor windings, a centrifugal governor, a capacitor, and a centrifugal switch. The capacitor supplies extra power to the windings and the switch and governor work together to disconnect the start circuit when the motor is up to speed. If the start winding does not receive the power it needs the motor will just buzz and overheat.


CAUTION: It is NOT safe to start a motor by spinning the pulley.  This could result in the loss of appendage or even worse. 

What Causes Boat Lift Motor Problems?

Motor start problems can be caused by the motor itself, the reversing switch, or the electrical wiring. If the motor start switch does not close or the capacitor is bad the motor will not start. If the reversing switch has a partial failure, the part that energizes the start can fail but the run can still work and the motor will just buzz. If one of the wires that power the start fail, the motor will not go.


It takes an electrical meter and some experience to determine where the problem is. A technician will work backwards from the motor until he locates the problem.

Southwest Florida Boat Lift Motor Repair

For the average homeowner, the easiest thing to do is bring the motor and switch to a motor shop to be tested. In most cases, the problem will be one of the items above. Be sure to mark where each wire goes so that you can reinstall the equipment.


If you bring your equipment to us, in most cases we can evaluate and repair same day to 24 hours.  Call us  TODAY (239) 574-4499.