NEW - All Motors, pumps, equipment, switches, parts, & accessories are covered under manufacturers written warranty.  See Manufacturers website for details.  

USED / REBUILT - 6 month warranty on Used and Rebuilt equipment covers cost of bearings, start switches, and replaceable non-wearable parts. 

WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS - Shaft Seals, Capacitors, and Labor are not covered under any warranty. Shaft Seal Failures are not a defect in manufacturing / installation and are not covered under warranty.  Damage caused to equipment pursuant to shaft seal failure will not be covered under warranty.  Motor Windings are not warrantied on USED and RE-BUILT equipment.


Pumps & Motors - NO CREDIT Warranty Exchange Only; All sales final.  

Electronic Parts (Includes but not limited to capacitors, solenoids, floats, switches of any type, timers) - NO CREDIT.  ALL SALES FINAL. 

Special Orders - All Sales Final.  NO CREDIT.

Labor - No Credit

Authorized Equipment returns will carry a minimum $10.00 restocking fee.  If goods supplied are not merchantable, Seller at its option may replace or repair them upon return.  Buyer shall not return goods until Seller has reasonable opportunity to investigate goods.


All goods and services must be paid upon receipt.

Abandoned Materials:

All equipment, goods, or materials left unclaimed after 7days will be considered abandoned and will be sold for parts and labor.  


By receiving goods or services Buyer agrees to these terms and agrees to make payment in full.