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Home & Garden Tips: The Top 5 Tools for DIY Pool Pump Repair

Thinking about fixing your pool pump on your own?

With the right tools and maintenance knowledge, Do It Yourself (DIY) Pool Pump Repair can be quick, easy and cost efficient.

In this helpful article, you will discover the top tools you need to fix your pool pump right now so you can get your pool running properly in no time.

Tool #1 Pipe Wrench

Need help taking your pump apart?

You can use a pipe wrench to help you assemble and disassemble pipes and pipe fittings within your pool pump. Pipe wrenches are specifically used to loosen and tighten pipes, so you can easily take your pump apart and put it back together again.

In addition to a pipe wrench, you might want to consider stocking your tool box with other types of wrenches like socket, channel, open end, and strap wrenches as well.

Tool #2 Teflon Tape

Want a quick solution to leaky pipes?

Teflon tape is a handy tool that helps seal threaded pipes so water can’t leak through. It provides extra security for your pool pump, reducing friction and making it easier to tighten your seal.

While teflon tape is a great temporary solution, you should always diagnose the root of the problem so you can stop pipe leaks for good.

Tool #3 Screwdriver

What’s one tool every DIY-er needs at home?

A screwdriver.

If you ever find yourself needing to replace your pool pump motor with a new one, a screwdriver will definitely come in handy.

Among many other uses, you can use this tool to access the inside of your motor. Just use your screwdriver to loosen the cover screws and take a look inside.

Tool #4 Pliers

Working with wires?

Pliers will be of use to you. This multipurpose tool can help you rewire your motor, unscrew small parts, and hold pipes in place.

There are lots of small parts and wires within your pool pump motor. Without pliers, you’ll have trouble navigating your repair. Pick up some pliers to make your DIY efforts worthwhile.

Tool #5 Spare & Replacement Parts

What do you absolutely need in order to fix your pool pump at home?

Extra parts. Nuts, bolts, valves, you name it — keep these parts at home so you can replace them whenever you run into a problem with your pool pump.

Luckily, Pumps Plus carries all kinds of replacement parts for your pool pump.

Get Your Pool Pump Parts At Pumps Plus

O-rings and Seals

Skimmer Baskets

Pool Pump Lids

Pool Pump Threads

Pool Pump Impellers

Pool Pump Motors

And much more!

Stock up on your parts now so you’re not scrambling to fix your pool pump later.

Need a Part for Your DIY Pool Pump Repair?

Pumps Plus carries all of the best parts for your pool pump. With new and used parts to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find what you need at an affordable price.

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