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Power Inverters And Your Electric Motor: Education, Safety, And More

In this educational article, you will learn what a power inverter is, what it does, and how these inverters relate to your electric motors.

You will also gain helpful information to better understand your power inverter and practice safety while working on it from home.

What Is A Power Inverter And What Does It Do?

A power inverter is an electrical device that converts DC power (battery power) to AC power (house power).

Inverters are used in solar and wind power applications, in boats, campers, and backup power supplies for electronic equipment.

A power inverter is required anytime batteries are used to produce household power. An inverter system requires an inverter, batteries, and a way to charge the batteries.

In a solar or wind application, the batteries are charged by solar panels or wind turbines. In a marine application, they would be charged by the engine.

The capacity of the batteries determines how long an inverter can supply power.

How Are Power Inverters Rated?

Inverters are rated by how much AC power they can continuously supply.

For example, a 1000-watt inverter can supply 1000 watts of AC power for as long as the batteries hold out (a few minutes or a few hours).

The Difference Between Power Inverters And Generators

Inverters, unlike generators, are capable of withstanding short duration, high demand situations.

For instance, a 1000-watt inverter can supply 2000 watts for a couple of minutes and even 4000 watts for 10 or 15 seconds.

This makes power inverters ideal for use with electric motors and other devices that have short term high current demand.

Power Inverters And Electric Motors

Keep reading to learn about the importance of power inverters in relation to your electric motors, find helpful safety tips, and more.

Understanding Power Inverters And AC Power

An inverter battery system can consist of as many batteries as needed and you can power multiple inverters from the same batteries, but you cannot connect the output (AC power) of two inverters together.

AC power sources can never be connected to obtain more power without special synchronizing equipment. If you connect two AC sources together, they will become a short circuit and ruin your equipment and potentially cause serious injury.

The Best Type Of Power Inverter

A pure sine wave inverter is the best type of unit to purchase for the normal user.

It most closely reproduces line power and does not have any negative effects on electrical equipment.

Some inverters do not produce pure sine wave power and can cause problems with certain types of equipment. 

Important Power Inverter Safety Reminder

It is very important to remember that, even though inverters are powered by batteries, the output is household power.

If you put your fingers into an inverter plug, you will receive the same electrical shock you would receive if you did the same thing with a house plug.

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