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Homes in Southwest Florida have more electric motors than most. Pools, AC units, Boat Lifts, and Storm Shutters are part of most homes and they are exposed to the hot and humid conditions of the area. We can keep your equipment running with repairs, or replacement motors and accesories. All at competitive pricing. For the do it yourself customers. We sell only comercial grade equipment, and we also help you with advice on how to fix your problems and install what you by.

     For our service customers we furnish expert diagnostics. We will identify the problem and only replace what is broken using the same quality parts sold at our shop.

Electric Motors require a variety of control and support equipment. Timers, filters. switches, valves, and plumbing will also need repair. We stock and install these items. Just as we stock new equipment, we maintain an inventory of used and salvaged parts. Used parts can save money and in the case of obsolete equipment, they may be the only source avalable.

Comercial pools and water features represent a major part of our business. We work with larger pumps and motors on both a cary in and service call basis. We can repair your existing equipment or supply replacements. We have the knowledge and resources to specify substitutes for obsolete equipment and we can help you with controls and related equipment.

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